Martin standing up against racism

The Martin McGuinness Peace Foundation was launched by his family, friends and the Gasyard Wall Féile in October 2019 to celebrate Martin’s life and legacy.

Martin was known throughout the world for his courageous, determined and visionary leadership.

Martin’s commitment to a better future for all the Irish people won him respect and admiration across the political spectrum, both in Ireland and far beyond.

His leadership and his tireless pursuit of justice and equality continue to inspire many people across the world.

In the spirit of celebrating the life and achievements of Martin Mc Guinness, as a leader, a political activist and an international states person – the charity is established for charitable purposes only and in particular to carry out charitable activities for the public benefit in the areas of:

• The advancement of reconciliation, conflict resolution, unity and peace building – locally, nationally and internationally
• Community empowerment
• The advancement of human rights, and;
• The advancement of equality inclusivity and diversity.

The Foundation is promoting these goals through an inclusive program of education, sport, debate, art and culture which will be open to all.